A very personal blog from me, and why I am ceasing my practice in Melbourne.

The last two years have been both challenging and interesting to say the least. It has been for all of us in different ways. I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, I was still able to work most of the time during covid lockdowns and for that I am grateful. I am also grateful that I have been able to be there for my numerous patients that have suffered everything else during that time including depression, anxiety, loneliness as well as many other conditions such as back or neck pain from different working conditions and/or lack of exercise.

Recent practice hasn't come with its challenges however, probably more from a legal perspective. It is one of the reasons for my decision to stop practising in Melbourne after 20 years. It has been quite an emotional decision to make and not one I've made lightly. After all, I have been treating not only mums and dads but now their offspring!

I unfortunately experienced an adverse reaction to the AZ vaccine in November 2021, and I have spent a lot of my energy and time getting myself right since. The long days in Melbourne hasn't made it easy for my body to heal and I notice that is when my injury gets worse. Otherwise I can say I'm now around 90 percent recovered.

I wake up at 5am in order to get to Melbourne on time, I feed my animals and clean the premise before I start and finish at 5:30/6pm and lately its taking me a good two hours to get home. Financially it's been tough too with last minute cancellations due to people getting sick, therefore its increasingly becoming harder to justify my time and effort in Melbourne giving the way my body is feeling. It's time for me to focus on healing and repair so that I can give my best to my patients, animals and family.

I got covid in November last year, 5 weeks after getting vaccinated, got sick for a week, took another week off to deal with fatigue and also as my mum fell sick, and we got through it ok. I'm grateful for the help of all the doctors and nurses at Peninsula Health for making sure we were looked after and we were taking all our supplements and herbs which helped enormously.

I am not anti vaccine however I do believe in body autonomy and everyone should have the basic right to choose in which way they want to deal with their health issues.

After studying medical ethics for such a long time, I am finding it increasingly hard to operate under the current guidelines that we, as health practitioners are bound to because of the very belief I have in body autonomy. That basic right was taken away last year with the vaccine mandates. I get vaccinated or loose my job or get a hefty fine from the government. Yet today, i can sit next to someone at a restaurant and not know their vaccination status, however i cannot work with them or myself being at risk of being fined.

I did a Graduate Diploma in Health Science in 2015 which included ethics in medicine. Informed consent, decision making between patient and practitioner couldn't of been explained clearer in the course notes and text books I was reading.

Decision on treatment and informed consent must be made between health professional and patient, no other body, including the government.

I stand by my views to this day and especially after having seen a staggering number of healthy young people suffer various conditions due to the adverse effects of being vaccinated so far this year. I am prepared to de register myself from AHPRA from what I have seen in the last year on this principle alone. The lowest mortality from covid is in the young. Vaccine mandates particularly don't make sense especially when vaccinations do not stop the spread of covid either. You just have to look at the latest Pfizer data (that they wanted to suppress for 75 years) to realise that the effectiveness of the vaccines needs to be questioned also.

I refuse to be silenced, I don't think being quiet about what I have observed in practice in the past year lies okay with my moral consciousness. I stand by very brave Victorian GP's such as Dr Mark Hobart and Anaesthetist from NSW such as Dr Paul Oosterhuis that are not afraid to speak up against vaccine mandates and vaccine effectiveness and are currently challenging the vaccine mandates in court. Both doctors have been de registered by their current Medical Boards in Victoria and NSW respectively, recently, however the Medical Board in NSW has lifted the suspension of Dr Oosterhuis so he can practice.

I am prepared to take my case to court if it ever arises, my health comes first and it has impacted my life greatly and as a sole income earner, looking after animals and taking care of my elderly mum, I cannot imagine how life would be if my adverse effects were worse. I had to reduce to part time hours and take time off, my GP refused to believe me, some patients were patient with me, others not. I feel now is the right time to open up and be honest in terms of how my life has been since November last year. After all, I am a practitioner however I am also human. Thats what makes me relate and empathise with my patients so well.

Now I am back to almost full time capacity however that has not been without sheer grit and determination to get better, I have done lots and lots of research and want to pass this knowledge on how to get better to my patients and some colleagues who are too afraid to speak up, who, many, sad to say, are in the same boat. I want to help other people heal and recover from either covid, long covid or vaccine injury.

I want to practice without judgement.

Hence I say on my home page, everyone is welcome, whether you are suffering from mental health, pain, getting over covid, vaccine injury, whatever the issue, I want to help you. No matter what your medical/vaccination status is.

Without judgement.

I will miss my Melbourne patients and I hope they pay me a visit to what I call my little paradise, here on the peninsula. Even the animals are part of the healing process. I also am available through Telehealth for advice on herbs, supplements, lifestyle and nutrition counselling.

I hope this has given some hope to some out there that feel somewhat abandoned by the current medical system, those that haven't been heard or even, in some cases, gaslighted. Jules Serkin, a BBC radio presenter in the UK is trying to open the dialogue about vaccine injury after she was injured herself as she was feeling, like many of my patients at the moment, all alone and no medical professionals able to provide her with answers as to why and what to do to get better.

As i've mentioned, I have been doing a lot of research on this subject and I have had immense improvement in my signs and symptoms and so I hope to empower others to do the same. Below this blog I have posted links to some websites that have helped me through my journey to understanding my reaction as well as many of my patients and to explore other treatments and looking to nutrition to get better. I have also posted links to the doctors trying to fight for body autonomy for those who are interested in what they have to say and to also support them in their cause.

To finish, this blog is not a cry for attention or sympathy, this is to address the elephant in the room which is to help many who are vaccine injured and also empower those individuals to know that there is help out there, that there are practitioners that will listen to you and believe you.

A big thank you to the following, here are the links: and/or @ChessNarrator on Twitter or @dragonfishy on Twitter

Dr Mark Hobart is on Twitter and Facebook and Gary Fettke on Twitter

Dr Tony Hinton @TonyHinton2016 on Twitter

Dr Clare Craig @ClareCraigPath on Twitter

#CanWeTalkAboutIt on Twitter

Thank you for reading.

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