Chinese Medicine (incorporating acupuncture and/or massage and/or herbal medicine & supplements) is a system of primary health care that treats the following conditions and more..


Pain management- acute/ chronic:

rehabilitation from surgery or sports injuries (muscle activation, increasing blood flow and preventing excessive scar tissue formation)

carpal tunnel syndrome

knee, hip and ankle pain and sprains

muscle aches and pains

headache & migraine

neck & back pain and/or stiffness



arthritis (osteoarthitis and rheumatoid)

tendonitis, ie, achilles tendonitis

bursitis (shoulder, hip, etc)

frozen shoulder

tennis or golfers elbow

Supporting sport/exercise endurance & stamina/preventing injury



Women’s health:

period pain

irregular menstruation


PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

pre-Menstrual problems

PID (pelvic inflammatory disease)

UTI (urinary tract infection)

menopause signs and symptoms


Pregnancy support:

morning sickness

breeched baby

pre-birth de stress & relaxation (bring on the happy hormones)

induction (bring on labour)

pelvic/back pain, sacroilliac instability

neck pain

acid reflux


Post-Natal care:

post natal depression


insufficient lactation

abnormal bleeding


Fertility Support:  

Visit our IVF/fertility page for more information

pre- conception care

IVF support

natural fertility support for both females and males


Emotional and hormonal/endocrine conditions:

mild depression


insomnia (treat both onset and sleep maintenance insomnia)

not adapting to stress & elevated cortisol (stress hormone)

tiredness from adrenal dysfunction/burnout

subclinical hypothyroid (sub optimal functioning thyroid)


hot flushes/night sweats

auto immune disorders, ie; meniere's disease, hasimoto's disease,etc

tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

supporting and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels



Skin disorders:






Gastrointestinal disorders:

irritable bowel syndrome

bloating/ indigestion/acid reflux

gut dysbiosis (bowel flora imbalance)

constipation/ diarrhoea

haemorrhoids/ anal fissure

food intolerances & sensitivities


Respiratory disorders, and as an alternative to antibiotic treatment:

getting infections frequently/poor immune system

flu & common cold

cough/ bronchitis



hay fever and allergies

aid drug or medication withdrawal


Other Conditions:

chronic fatigue

glandular fever

mild elevated blood pressure

infections such as Ross River virus, Lyme disease

post infection recovery after severe antibiotic use

fluid retention

CANCER SUPPORT (Can be used adjunct with chemotherapy/radiotherapy)

Chinese medicine is wellness focused, not disease focused, i.e., is about treating the person, not just the disease or condition. It's also about prevention and being aware of factors that disrupt your body's inate healing mechanisms.  Are you feeling a little stressed, lacking vitality or perhaps not sleeping well?.  If that sounds like you, there is alot Silvia can do for you through nutrition education and lifestyle counselling, acupuncture, massage, cupping and herbal medicine. Acupuncture and herbs initiate or 'turn on" the body's own healing mechanisms within so that you can start feeling better emotionally and physically.   


Or simply just treat yourself to a monthly nervous system "tune up" to support and maintain functions such as a robust immune system, circulation, sleep and digestion, all the vital things involved in the body being able to heal and repair itself.