Deep tissue and remedial massage usually focuses on specific areas of the body that holds tension which causes stiffness and pain. By pressing into the deep layers of the muscle, it separates tightly held muscle fibres and releases both toxins, waste product and therefore deeply held tensions, getting blood and oxygen supply back into the muscle therefore releasing pain.


Deep tissue/remedial massage are both useful to people who hold tension from working long hours in front of a computer to people who play sport or are active in exercise and want to avoid and prevent injury and also want to perform their best.  Deep tissue massage may cause some soreness during and after the session. However, you should feel better within a day or two.



Silvia Russo has more than 14 years experience in Tuina (Chinese massage) and is qualified in sports/remedial massage, having studied at the Australian College of Massage (now called Evolve College).  Silvia combines her knowledge of acupuncture points and trigger points to help release pain and tension in the most effective ways.

If you like firm massages, Silvia is the massage therapist to see! Acupuncturist for the Western Bulldogs Football Club but at times helps out with massage as well.  


Cupping can also be done in massage treatments to enhance the effect of blood flow, releasing tight muscles and toxins.  Dry needling can also be done in conjunction with massage to release tight muscles. Please be aware that dry needling IS NOT acupuncture, they are totally different modalities. See our Therapists page on the website for qualifications and more information.


Silvia uses essential oils from dōTERRA* in our massage therapy treatments. dōTERRA* specialize in high quality, 100% therapeutic grade pure essential oils, no chemicals or petroleum based ingredients.