Traditionally Chinese Medicine has been used to support fertility.  Practitioners in natural health recommend 3-6 months of pre conception care involving diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine and/or supplements and acupuncture in order to be in optimal health before conceiving whether it be with IVF or not. This involves booking in a consultation with Silvia in order to establish what is required for the individual.


Some research into Chinese Medicine and acupuncture with IVF has also been undertaken.  The highest quality and most conclusive studies done are the four Radomised Controlled trials (RCT) completed between the year of 2002-2006 (Anderson, B. J., & Rosenthal, L. (2007). Acupuncture and IVF controversies.Fertility and sterility, 87(4), 1000).


Three of the RCTs present evidence suggesting acupuncture sessions before and after the embryo transfer can significantly improve the success of IVF compared to the non acupuncture group with significantly higher implantation rates (14.2% vs 5.9%), clinical pregnancy rates (33.6% vs 15.6%), biochemical pregnancy rates (35.3% vs 16.5%), and ongoing pregnancy rates (28.4% vs 13.8%).


Taking Chinese herbal medicine along with the acupuncture treatment can greatly increase the success rate of IVF by 65% (Manheimer, E., Zhang, G., Udoff, L., Haramati, A., Langenberg, P., Berman, B. M., & Bouter, L. M. (2008). Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and meta-analysis. Bmj, 336(7643), 545-549).  

Recent research also suggests that Chinese Medicine, when used on patients combining herbs, acupuncture and other Chinese Medicine interventions, according to the individual's signs and symptoms, with IVF, had a greater outcome in live birth rates than acupuncture and IVF alone (Rubin, L. E. H., Opsahl, M. S., Wiemer, K. E., Mist, S. D., & Caughey, A. B. (2015). Impact of whole systems traditional Chinese medicine on in-vitro fertilization outcomes. Reproductive biomedicine online, 30(6), 602-612).



                                           Acupuncture during Pregnancy

Acupuncture has traditionally been used to treat some pregnancy related conditions such as lower back and pelvic pain, morning sickness, tiredness and blood deficiency related conditions, threatened miscarriage, migraines and headaches, heartburn, swelling and oedema, cirulation issues, itching and breech presentation just to name a few.


Silvia has attended a fertility intensive and fertility masterclass seminar in 2012 presented by Angela Hywood and Leah Hechtman and is part of Integria Healthcare Fertility Alumni.  Silvia has attended many seminar since and keeps up to date with current treatment protocols

Chinese medicine and IVF