Western and Chinese herbal medicine 

Feeling not quite right however you can't quite put your finger on it?

Need professional advice on which herbs and supplements to take?

Are you confused at the conflicting information out there on herbal medicine and nutritional supplements?

Are you on medication and wanting to take herbal medicine to ease or counteract side effects?


We are lucky to be able to tap into nature and have herbs around us which nourish, support and guide our body through its very unique capacity to heal itself, no matter what the disease.  Having done a Graduate Diploma in Western herbal medicine from the University of New England with a background in biochemistry, Silvia is qualified as both a medical herbalist as well as in Chinese herbal medicine.

Silvia can offer you a tailored health solution using the best quality herbal medicine, including supplements, which are mostly made in Australia and are TGA approved and therefore known for its good manufacturing practices and safety (GMP certified).  Silvia has a well stocked dispensary and a wide range of nutritional supplements including Mediherb, Metagenics, Eagle and other practitioner only brands in both tablet and liquid form, which are easy to take and hence, you can still look after yourself with a busy lifestyle.


Silvia can also work on your unique nutrition and lifestyle plan based on evidence based research and/or the traditional approach according to Chinese medicine, as well as prescribe and dispense your unique blend of herbal medicine made according to your signs and symptoms and also in conjunction with existing medications you might be taking.  








Herbal medicine according to traditional knowledge can treat and enhance general wellness and all sorts of health conditions ranging from:

Whole body health including immune system health

Colds and Flu

Digestion health

Reproductive health

Genitourinary health

Skin health

Joint health

Women's health

Kid's health

Hair health

Sleep disturbance/poor sleep

Musculoskeletal health

Cardiovascular health

Men's health

Pregnancy support

Brain & Nervous system health

Weight management

Glucose tolerance


There is also some clinical evidence and research to suggest that herbal medicine can also help with the above conditions and more. Herbal medicine can be combined with acupuncture to further enhance wellness and enhance the body's innate healing capacity!