frequently asked questions

does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture generally doesn't hurt.  The needles might hurt slightly going in however it is more of a sensation than a pain. You may experience a slight prick. Different needles can be used for different pain tolerance levels and different regions of the body.  I'm sure if it hurt that much it wouldn't be so popular!

It is very common however that when the acupuncture pins are in, you may feel a lovely heavy sensation all over like you are sinking into the bed.  Usually after half an hour, I'm having to wake my patients up! It is actually relaxing!

You can enjoy your time out to heal and feel the tranquility in the surroundings that comes with having acupuncture in Silvia's rooms as the only background noise you will hear is relaxing music and the sounds of birds. 

how should i prepare for treatment?

Just wear comfortable clothing and if possible, you can bring along copies of blood tests or scans relevant to your condition, Otherwise further advice will be discussed at your consult and Silvia works with General Practitioners and other allied health practitioners to look after you.

Silvia can also order other blood tests and saliva/hair/fecal analysis through a private laboratory however this is an added cost and done when absolute necessary or patient's request.

Having a background in medical science, Silvia integrates all the information and tests to work out what treatment options are best for you.

is acupuncture safe?

All practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine need to be registered with AHPRA, therefore it is a regulated proffession.  Silvia is registered under both divisions of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Australia (CMBA).

Be aware that acupuncture is VERY different to dry needling, a modality that chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths use in conjunction with their treatment. Always check qualifications and check their association memberships & registration if unsure. Medical acupuncture is also different to traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture.



can i exercise before and after treatment?

It is best to exercise before treatments on the day you have acupuncture or massage so to allow your body to enable the healing and repairing process to flow on after you have had treatment without any disruption. Therefore you are not allowing your body to use energy elsewhere, where it could be used to repair your condition or injury!  Eat good clean healthy food, hydrate and relax after treatments if you can to get the most out of it. It is okay to continue exercise the next day after treatment.

where are you located and how do i pay?

​Credit card & eftpos facilities is available.  You can book your appointments online by clicking on the button on the home page or SMS Silvia on 0425 818 966. 

Chi Temple natural therapies in Bittern is located at 22 Davies Street on 2 acres of tranquility just behind the Bittern train station on the lovely Mornington peninsula. 

Come and visit the ponies as well as have a treatment!

how many treatment will i need to get better?

This is totally up to the individual and how long the condition has been in existence, Usually the condition has been going on long before it's been diagnosed.  It also depends on other factors such as how well you respond to acupuncture, your constitution (genetics) as we say in Chinese medicine, dietary and lifestyle factors. Even environmental factors such as weather or living environment also contribute to our wellbeing and progress in recovery.  


A course of acupuncture treatment is usually anywhere between 4-15 treatments, unless it is something acute like a virus, you may only need one treatment. You will notice gradual improvement in your wellbeing after each treatment.


After that a maintenance routine is encouraged where you can treat yourself to a treatment once a month to keep your nervous system in check, much like a tune up. Usually it's one treatment a week initially.  Silvia will be able to give you a better indication after your first treatment . This is also best explained on the AACMA association website (

how much will it cost?


Telehealth consults online/phone new patients $90 for 1 hour

Telehealth consults online/phone ongoing $70 1/2 hr

Face to face treatment:

Initial consult & acupuncture (1 hr 15 min) $95

Follow up consult & acupuncture (1 hr) $75

Follow up acupuncture & massage/cupping/moxa (1 hr 1/2) $95

Cold laser 15 minutes $70

Equine acupuncture:

$80 on the Mornington Peninsula. 

$110 acupuncture & cold laser

Includes massage and moxibustion if needed.


All consults include lifestyle and dietary advice based on traditional Chinese medicine as well as a consult on herbal medicine and supplements if required.


You can claim private health rebates with a receipt issued upon payment.

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