No one heals in isolation

Introducing community acupuncture at Chi Temple Natural Therapies.  Acupuncture that is effective and now affordable. Silvia has been servicing the Moonee Valley region for 14 years and has now been on Epsom Rd Ascot Vale close to 7 years so it's time to give back to the local community after years of support.  Community acupuncture encourages local community to look after their wellbeing and to do it together without the costly expense.  It encourages people to get the benefits of acupuncture without the expense. A happier, healthier community makes it a better place for us all to live in!

What is community acupuncture & why have it? 
It is when acupuncture is provided in a community setting/group setting. There are 3-4 beds and recliner chairs in a room (back room of the clinic) and patients are booked in at 20 minute intervals, I ask questions, stick pins in you and you drift off to sleep or go to that happy place! (Did i mention acupuncture is great for stress management and if you always feel wound up?)

Pins are put in your face, arms & legs so you are fully clothed. You're welcome to bring your own music with headphones (ipod) if you like.  This is great for patients that have no complex conditions but just want to feel the benefits of acupuncture such as for stress and sleep conditions, women's conditions, sinus and hayfever conditions, and some pain related conditions,etc.

Acupuncture works best when you get it done frequently and it has long lasting effects if you do a succession of treatments close together however one of the barriers to getting regular acupuncture in the current healthcare paradigm in Australia is the cost of treatment, hence community acupuncture allows me to keep the costs down but brings benefits to you as well as keeps me in business.

Sounds good?

Silvia is offering community acupuncture on Wednesday's 6-9pm

It's $40 a treatment. 

So bring family, friends and even people whom you work out with at the gym! To book, please SMS Silvia on 0425818966 or you can now book online (on the homepage).

Before your visit checklist:

Please wear comfortable loose clothing

Refrain from wearing perfumes and fragrances if possible as some people experience allergies

You're welcome to bring your own ipod/headphones