It is said by the Chinese that when the body is balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually and it is in tune with the environment, all the internal functions and vital energy of the body (Qi or Chi) are in harmony and it is free of disease.


What is Chinese medicine?


Chinese medicine is one of the world’s oldest forms of both treatment and prevention of illness and disease. It encompasses traditional forms of diagnosis and treatment and is based on the belief that one is free of disease if there is balance and harmony which reflects the theory of Yin and Yang. Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to health where external factors are looked at like climate, lifestyle, dietary, hereditary and other factors as well as internal factors like emotions and thoughts affect a person’s wellbeing.


Mind affects body and body affects mind.


Chinese medicine treatment is specific to the individual considering all the internal and external factors which is affecting the person’s wellbeing. An example to this is no two people necessarily have a stomach ache due to the same cause. This influences the diagnosis being made and therefore the treatment will be different in the two individuals according to the pathophysiology which is explained in Chinese medicine.


Pathophysiology explains the scientific basis as to why the disease occurs in the body. This in Chinese medicine is described using a unique diagnostic system found thousands of years ago incorporating and factoring external elements like wind and damp and the five elements like metal, wood, water, fire and earth to describe what is happening in the body and how the disease manifests.  This diagnostic system is also used to describe how nature affects the mind and behaviour of a particular individual or vice versa.


At Chi Temple Natural Therapies, we also use other diagnostic tools to get an overall picture of what is happening in the body as well as any other diagnostic tests used in Western medicine such as blood tests, salivary hormone tests, CT scans, and MRI scans. This is then all integrated and put into a pattern of differentiation which we as Chinese Medicine practitioners call a "syndrome" where the signs and symptoms all relate to a particular pattern described partially by what we observe in nature and incorporating the theory of yin and yang, hot and cold, excess and deficiency, just to name a few!


Using knowledge of Western medicine diagnosis from studies at R.M.I.T and a background in biochemistry, Silvia can also incorporate this knowledge to come to a diagnosis and is more than happy to work along side General Practitioners in the area.


There are over 1000 Chinese herbs in the pharmacopia and over thousands of formulas which contain from one herb up to as many as thirty in one formula to help with a group of signs and symptoms that form a particular syndrome. We therefore fit a tailored prescription of herbs, supplements and/or nutraceuticals according to what we see happening in the individual, and offer lifestyle/health counselling and dietary advice as well.


Chinese medicine treats:


All kinds of illnesses

Enhances health and well being

Assists in prevention of illness

Has no side affects with treatment

Treats the cause of illness, not just the symptoms

Treats the person as a whole being

Chinese medicine (incorporating herbs and/ or acupuncture) can safely and effectively treat common illnesses and can benefit in the management of chronic conditions.