Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an age old system of health care which dates back to thousands of years ago and works within a holistic framework whereby the complete individual (physical, emotional and spiritual) is taken into consideration. Not only will you experience relief from the symptoms you are experiencing, which unfortunately, frequently includes pain, but the underlying root cause is also addressed, thereby preventing future recurrence of symptoms.   Acupuncture helps the body to heal and repair by activating the bodies own innate healing capacity thereby improving quality of sleep, digestion, pain and more. For more of a detailed explanation you can visit the AACMA website (press on the link on the homepage) and for information on evidence based research on acupuncture for particular conditions, you can look up the Acupuncture Now Foundation website























PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE ACUPUNCTURE WITH DRY NEEDLING or MEDICAL ACUPUNCTURE, THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN THEORY AND PRACTICE.  Acupuncture can only be performed by a REGISTERED Chinese medicine practitioner or Acupuncturist. Please look up the AACMA link on home page for more information.  


In her 17 years of practice, Silvia also employs some unique styles of acupuncture called DNA (distal needling acupuncture) as well as the Dr Tan balance method and Master Tung points which are traditionally used in treating stubborn pain and chronic type of pain.


Treatments are available with Silvia by appointment only. Follow up appointments are generally an hour in duration and include treatment (acupuncture) and a consult also for herbal medicine.  Chinese dietary and lifestyle advice is also discussed in consultations. Silvia is a registered practitioner and holds a degree in both Western herbal medicine as well as Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Only the best quality herbal medicine is used and Silvia has over 15 years of experience using practitioner only products such as Mediherb ( and Metagenics which are TGA approved and made in Australia (please look up our Therapist page for more information).


Silvia uses the highest grade needle with acupuncture which means there is minimal pain experienced upon insertion of these very fine needles which are as thin as a hair strand. Once they are in, you know they are working as you typically feel a heaviness, tingling and/or a slight ache within the region or all over the body as those "feel good" hormones are being released. Some people fall asleep in an acupuncture treatment...yes it's actually that relaxing!


Massage, cupping and/or moxibustion (a heat treatment, press on the AACMA button on the homepage for more information) can also be done in follow up consultations with Silvia as well as acupuncture. And you can claim with private health insurance, an extra incentive to look after yourself; after all, there is only one of you! And with our busy lifestyles we can all do with a little help.


Chinese medicine for fertility and pregnancy

Traditionally Chinese Medicine has been used to support fertility.  Practitioners in natural health recommend 3-6 months of pre conception care involving diet, lifestyle, acupuncture and sometimes herbal medicine and/or supplements in order to be in optimal health before conceiving whether it be with IVF or not. Why take herbs and supplements? Traditionally some herbs have been shown to help with fertility and there is also some evidence to suggest that some supplements also help fertility as well by various means such as improving sperm and egg quality. Booking in an initial consultation with Silvia is required in order to establish what is required for the individual.

Acupuncture has traditionally been used to treat some pregnancy related conditions such as lower back and pelvic pain, morning sickness, tiredness and blood deficiency related conditions such as hair loss or night sweating, threatened miscarriage, migraines and headaches, heartburn, swelling and oedema, circulation issues, itching and breech presentation just to name a few.

Silvia has attended a fertility intensive and fertility masterclass seminar in 2012 presented by Angela Hywood and Leah Hechtman and is part of Integria Healthcare Fertility Alumni. Silvia has attended many seminars since and keeps up to date with current treatment protocols with IVF.  In November 2018 Silvia has also attended the International Integrative Chinese Medicine Conference which focused on the latest fertility treatments, protocols and research in both biomedicine and Chinese medicine.